This is Silicon Dwelling

What is alive?
Botanical? Are Alive.
Animals? Also. Without doubt.
Insects? As well - alive.
A piece of metal? Er - no!

What, if we build a robot out of that piece of metal, program it and let it loose to the world?
Well, an observer may call him "intelligent", but never "alive".

What, if the robot was part of a state, if in this state new robots were produced, to make an existence possible over thousands of years? If the robot spends the whole blessed day by providing itself autonomously with energy, like insects provide themselves with food? Would this robot be "alive"?

Thus, where is the difference between a piece of wood and a living tree, between a piece of iron sheet and such a living robot?
He wouldn't be a robot anymore.

The civilisation, living on a far away planet, named Petrosa Springs, do care about such questions - not at all.
They are machines, so called Mechanoids. They have preferences, aversions, dark sides, boldness, grief and more often a hangover.
They are more than alive.

Silicon Dwelling tells their stories. The center takes the space-trucker Linoprit and his unbelievable adventures.

At this site

ought characters, ships and locations be drafted, by and by in Blender 3D.
In addition there will be short-stories, around the galaxies of Petrosa Springs.

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