The Story

How it all began

A civilisation of machines on Petrosa Springs - everything began in a small garage on a small blue planet. This short story tells what happened at that time.

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Silicon Dwelling

Linoprit is trucker by trade. However not a usual one, his home is Petrosa Springs - an earth alike planet, in a star system far, far away.

The dwellers living there, are akin to us humans, however some significant differences exist, like the certainty, that those creatures are not made of flesh and blood, but made of metal and electronics.

No, don't call them 'robots', this would be an insult to those beings. Robots are the eldest ancestors of today's Mechanoids and from their point of view, primitive machines.

But a civilisation of machines? That's impossible! How should it have emerged? Perhaps a screw fallen from the sky and grown?

It may sound a little strange, the majority of today's highly developed civilisations are mechanic live-forms, so called Mechanoids. Built out of metal and electronics, controlled by a mind in software. Biological civilisations vanish into thin air, more and more. It may be up to the inability to protect themselves from global disasters, or to the lack of keeping the track, needed not to kill himself by their own doing, like military conflicts or the waste of their own livelihood.

Back to our trucker.

Linoprit 88513, like his name and class is, estates an own transporter, an old space-truck. He bought it, long time ago, from military inventory of a bionid folk for scrap price. Because he didn't like the boring grey, he painted it pink. With the freighter, he travels across the universe and handles duties of all sorts. Rarely they are reputable, but all in all he keeps his head above water. He awkwardly brings himself in to unfortunate circumstances and experiences unbelievable adventures. But somehow he always manages to deal with all adversities that get him in the way.

There are many tales to tell about him, like the one, when he got to know Tretnip, his friend and companion, when he was near the mines of Acharatz, or about the troubles he had with a cargo of scrap in which some denizen took residence.

Silicon Dwelling tells the story of a duty that leads him to a small blue, far out planet in a spiral formed galaxy. It is in a reservation, what means, even the crossing of that region is forbidden. A disturbance of the there living civilisation, by foreign live-forms, should be avoided at all, because it could have devastating impact to its existence.

The reason for doing this job is a work machine, that was ordered by the builder Bruce, and has been delivered to the wrong address. Linoprit should bring it back from that small blue planet. Without knowing which adventure waits for him, he started out, together with his friend Tretnip.

Everything seems to be fine, quickly they find the machine, load it into the freighter and make for their trip home. But still not having passed the moon, their ship gets under fire. Strangely enough the torpedoes pass by and hit the ship from behind. They are about to be shattered on the surface of the planet, because the force of the second engine is not enough to move out of the field of gravity.

All bigger freighters have equipment to open so called hyper-holes, and to travel far distances by them. But there is a reason, why it's forbidden to open such holes directly near occupied planets - mere the produced gravitation-waves may be fatal. Tretnip indeed, sees their last chance in doing such a jump and prepares it.

During the jump the disaster happens. The gravity of the planet influences the negative Fraid-Pristant field (see short-story "Silicon Dwelling - Wie alles Begann") in such a way, that a time-paradox arises and the reality within the field gets split. In one of the both realities the ship knocks into the planet and initiates a global catastrophe, which will be the reason, why the predominant saurian species gets annihilated. The second bursts ship and planet 65 million years into the future.

Linoprit and Tretnip find themselves battered on the surface of the planet. To get the badly damaged freighter set afloat again, they need help. Not the breakdown service - if they call him, a criminal complaint would follow. Finally they are inside a reservation. Both decide to explore the planet - perhaps there is intelligent life?

But some questions stay open. Why have they been under fire? Who resides heavy armed in a reservation, and why? How did it come that this work machine was delivered into a remote reservation?

Yet they are not aware, that they became part of the sinister plan of Kremwit Diabolo.