10.10.10 Animation Short "Don't Push This Button

Direkt link to You Tube click here

My first Animation Short is now finished and at YouTube since some days. This film needed more effort, that I expected. At first I had great difficulty to keep overview. Frames, Poses, Story Beat, jumping IPO-Curves - the book "Inspired 3D Short Film Production" describes the methods that keep you on track. Really feasible.
After ten month of work, there is at least a finished project. Technically I think the work is o.k. In comparsion to the work of professionals, for example like Pixar, there is still the certain something missing, that attracts audience from the first frame on.

What's next? New short? Some Wallpaper? New short story?
Sintel, the Durian Open Movie Project had 1.5 million views this week.
Watched it today - stunning.
We will see.