• Full name, respectively class: Linoprit 88513
  • Comes from: The reproduction factory. Parents are unknown - they never picked him up.
  • Age: Mid-Aged (don't care about numbers)
  • Mood: Just a nice guy. Often too trustful and too careless.
  • Friends: A small machine called Tretnip.
  • Skills: Nothing special, average at all points. But one Thing: as often as he finds himself in trouble, he manages to get out of it.
  • Desires: No speed limit in the whole universe. He likes dune-diving at Desetonia.
  • Fears: Some. The two Repo Men from El Padro, for example.
  • Business: Space Trucker, of course.
  • Addictions: Stone Oil from the fields of Doneprom.
  • Size: Same as an average human.
  • Other: Always broke. Any penny that's left he spends for his freighter (repair and fuel). Most times he does jobs, that are not really sincere.

(Yet Another Boring Blog)

04.10.10: Well, and barely ten month later a clip is finished - Don't push this button.

01.01.10: New head is on the shoulders, some boots added. Here is the new concept. Now I have to think about the story - with this face he doesn't pass as robot.
Next a story for a (very) short must be found.

31.07.09: O.K. Very different. I started out with him half a year ago and wasn't sure if he becomes a comic-style or a realistic character, if he should be silly looking, or a strong guy. Yep, and now the result is something between. Looks boring. That's the effect of a poor character development...
Sorry Linoprit - I have to rip off your head and make a new one.

09.06.09: The model of that guy is finished since some time. All problems with the MeshDeform Modifier seem to be solved. Linoprit moves quite well.
The yearly summer slump advances, instead of working at the computer, outdoor activity has priority.
How will it go on? Some snapshots with different facial expressions, then on, trying around with lip-synching. I ask myself, should I go on working through Tony Mullens book, or start out with the model of Linoprit's Friend (this guy still has no name).