is a light-headed person, but always knows how to find a way out of difficult situations. Years ago he bought a disused military freighter, painted it pink and since then he delivers all across the galaxies for his customers. The jobs are rarely sincere and he is always skint.


is Linoprit's best friend. An ingenious mechanician, who always knows the right screw to loosen.
No one knows his ancestry thoroughly. It is rumoured, that he is from Kurul, the legendary junkyard in the middle of the Forbidden Zone. But how could he escape from there? Machines, sprout there and often dangerous, are isolated very diligent?
Linoprit picked him up, when his ship broke down in succession of an engine damage near the Mines of Acharatz (a group of planets inside the Rantom System).


The lady from the Department Of Environmental Advisors. A power woman, dominant, cheeky, and always a sentence too much. At Petrosa Springs she protects microbes, inspects abidance of disposal regulations and always causes confusion. Because she is from the pre-series of the second generation, she is off her rocker, like sharp tongues claim.


An old, experienced builder. Explosive and hot tempered, he always gets his things done and deals pragmatically with problems. He loves sports ships and mostly he is much too fast on the way with them. He is doing well, however he saw better times.


is the name of Bruce's right hand. Clever, intelligent and always diplomatically, he forms the counterbalance of Bruce's character. His personality and also his plans are intransparent to everyone. Even Bruce, who works together with him since a long time, cannot tell about his preferences and deviations with certainty.