This is Silicon Dwelling

As I laid away the solder iron, closed the laptop lid and put the last robot into the cubicle, I realised that there is nothing more to do. The goal was attained, all jobs done.
Splendid they became. Still a lot of ideas have been left - but make them real...?
The software would become more complex, the schematics also. Broader basics must be developed, like algorithms for environment recognition, or extensions of the electronic. All a little too much to be a hobby.

And somehow, there was a hole.

Something new must be found. What could I build? Strange ideas came into my mind, like an autonomous lawn mower with an infrared - ultrasonic position determination, or a window cleaning robot, which simply can be adhered to the pane, a micro controlled, programmable laboratory power supply with accumulator charge / discharge unit and capacity measurement. I even thought about, to automate the coffee billing of my colleagues, with RF-ID transponders under the cups, a server which collects the data and sends the account balance periodically by e-mail!

Totally mad!

But wait a moment! There was a Software, I stumbled over while building my robots and I still wanted to play with - Blender 3D.

With Blender you can design three dimensional models and animate them, or render photo-realistic pictures of them. I remembered the 486 times, end of the nineties, povray, and the hour taking picture rendering. (And when the pictures have been finished, you often found some mistake.)
With Blender all these things, that did cost me days, could be done in hours.
After some weeks of reading tutorials and building training models, it was plain to me, which things are possible with Blender. Making clips, short films, or just let crazy visions become real in a virtual world. There are no limits. Er, except - time.

Still I could take to shape, the things crossing my mind all days. And what stood more to reason, as to model robots? But - how should they look like? What would be their object? How should they act?
A story was needed.

Could robots be our evolutionary successors? How must they be engineered, which performance need their brains, their software? How and under which circumstances would such a civilisation emerge? And above all - which appearance has such a society?

With all these questions on my mind, the world developed around Silicon Dwelling, a computer program which wanted to become "thing".