Competition brought evolution ahead. So, why shouldn't robots compete also? A kind of district fight
ought to be a nice background for Terences planned skills.
The idea came into existence, that two robots try to hit the antenna of the other with a cantilever.
That one, having placed the most hits, is the winner.
Biggest problem at this was: How do they find each other? I built an IR-detector, that could distinguish
between its own reflections and a foreign IR source. So it can act as obstacle detector and
challenger detector at the same time.
Terences design was good for development, because every module is reachable immediately. But the foursquare
shape with overhanging bumpers is a problem, when the robot moves through its territory.
It remained hanging at obstacles.


  • How to operate servos
  • A self made IR-detector
  • Making of two sided circuit boards
  • Programming a microcontroller
Available Downloads:

Terence's schematics and software