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This was my first self made solution of a moving machine.
Building a robot can be a very complex task. You have to know about mechanic, electronic and programming.
Based on a fischertechnik chassis this robot should do nothing more than moving around. It has no sensors,
except two bumpers. A ST62E65 microcontroller, acting as brain, controls two Fischertechnik-motors.
Feed back from the wheels is given by two increment disks, mounted at the axles.
Two H-bridges are the hardware driver, amplifying the PWM signal from the controller.
Additional I built a LCD-module, that, connected to the controller-board, makes debugging possible.
It turned out to be very useful.


  • Programming a microcontroller
  • Basic problems of power supplies
  • Controlling a LCD
  • Using EAGLE as layout editor. http://www.cadsoft.de/
Available Downloads:

Nutbot's schematics and software