Generation X


This could be the future. With an 8-bit MCU it is quite difficult to program and debug the complex software of
a robot. Embedded Linux on a DIL/Net PC, for example gives a lot of possibilities (
More sophisticated sensors should be added like ultrasonic. The interpretation of sensor-data isn't this easy. Any reasoning
methods will be needed, which use much CPU power.
A simulation tool should make the software development easier. Such a robo simulator should allow to test the new logic in
a virtual world. Because of the complexness of the project it should be started as an open source development, than gives
any interested people a good chance to take part in.
Which tasks are thinkable for such a robo? Well, first the run-and-hunt game philip was designed for. A autonomous lawn
mower, or vacuum cleaner. Maybe a reconnaissance vehicle with cameras on.
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  • Embedded Linux
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Working with simulation