atmel avr

Savannah: Welcome - it's not AVR specific; here you can find a lot of Linux things. Just search for "AVR".
Index of /download/avr-libc - Here are the patches for GCC; Read the user manual! - Home (German version) - links to the AVR Tutorial and AVR GCC; many AVR-Projects!
Programming the AVR Microcontroller with GCC - a very old article, that describes the basics (gcc + makfile); the uisp is not up to date anymore.
PonyProg - Serial device programmer - the famous programmer, there's also a Linux Version.
Atmel AVR 8-Bit RISC Homepage - self-explanatory - The real site; Tutorials, tips + tricks, projects for downloading.
avrdude - the best In-System-Programmer (replaces uisp); command line operated, convenient for makefiles;

Something for the Palm:
Palm OS Programmer's FAQ
GNU Pilot SDK Tutorial